Homebuyers have made their list and checked it twice, and they have some pretty interesting things that they're looking for.  As always, most buyers want a home that is clean and move-in-ready, even though the millennial crowd is typically committed to EITHER  a pristine home OR  a complete fixer-upper.  Not much in between for them.

Large back yards are "in" for younger-to-middle aged buyers, while smaller yards make the list for mature buyers.  More space is desired for younger buyers who are ready to grow their families.  Less space is the trend for more mature buyers who are ready to simplify and downsize.

The number one thing that both of these age groups agree on:  RANCH STYLES ARE HOT.  Young buyers don't want to chase little ones up and down the stairs.  Older buyers don't want to carry things on or clean the stairs.  Stairs are very unloved these days.  Obviously, since a strong 42% of buyers have ranch style homes as their NUMBER ONE CHOICE.